Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do Summers Always Go This Fast?

Here's the start of the two week countdown back to school. I can't believe how FAST this summer has flown by! I've got a lot to do before I head back to school.

I gave my dad the design I made for the shelves and he went right to work making them for me. I love having a handy dad who can do things (and love to do things) like that! I'm trying to hit up the best deals in town on folders and notebooks, so I'll be searching for that information this week.

I'll post pictures of the shelves being made and then the final product once I paint them apple green. I also have a friend in the works of making me some blue and green curtains. The fabric is adorable!

Aside from decorating/room rearranging... I am coming together with my plans of revamping my guided reading time. I'm having a hard time balancing fun with work, because I do want it to be structured. I've been reading my Guided Reading book from Amazon and it's given me some insight/ideas on how to make this time more effective.

I had a fun (yet restless) weekend visiting my friends at the University of South Carolina this weekend. (Go Cocks!) I better head to bed!

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