Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First "Break" of the School Year!

I am so sorry that I have not blogged in forever! It has been busy, busy, busy since school started. The kids have tomorrow and Friday off, so I'm able to stay up just a little later than normal. We have parent-teacher conferences tomorrow and I can't wait to brag about my little smarties. With that being said, let me update you on all that is going on-

First of all, I LOVE my students. They are the most caring, well-behaved, group of students that I have ever met. Of course I still love all of my students from last year and they will always hold a special spot in my hear (first year babies!)

Next, I have implemented a lot of new things in my classroom and they are going great! I'll update with more details but for now I"ll list them off:

  • The Daily Five
  • More Categorized Library
  • Addition with just bundling and carrying
  • Organization: Office Box, File Folders, Writing Folders, Daily Five Chart, Portfolios

Well, I"m off to prepare for tomorrow! Have a great night!

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