Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's September!

September is my favorite month. I think it's because a legend was born in that month. Ha, totally kidding. But I do love my birthday month, and I love that America gives us a whole 3 day weekend to celebrate my birthday. Thanks, 'Merica. ;)

I totally didn't last on the whole Teacher Week thing. But I do promise to do a classroom reveal soon!

I'm teaming up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this month's currently.

Listening- I'm staying late today because I'm heading to York for a little social life time (see 3 Goals for more info). I figured I would do some things around the classroom that I've been meaning to get to. I can hear people leaving and kids from the after school program getting water.

Loving- When I plan things, I start strong. When I decided my theme, I printed everything you could think of. Then I cut it all out and I laminated everything. But then I got slack. I've had my book basket labels ready to go for a month. It seriously only took me 10 minutes to glue them on, but I was really avoiding the task. Now they are all ready to help my students stay organized!

Thinking- I'm really concerned about the people in our world. Like, people are just so mean sometimes. And it makes me think "do people know that you don't have to pay to be nice?" I mean I can say to someone "I like your shirt" and it literally costs me nothing to say that. People are so mean now adays that it just hurts my heart sometimes. And people, I'm sensitive to begin with! Think before you say something not so nice about someone. And for all that is good, just be nice!

Wanting- I'm praying hard for this one. I've seen a miracle happen before and I'm hoping to see one again.

Needing- Three day weekends are the best. I think that a 3 day weekend and 4 day work week just makes more sense!

3 Goals- I'm trying to stay organized. My kids are FANTASTIC this year. Like the PTL kind of fantastic, but we have got to work on our organization. I need to work on my Data Notebook. I've got it ready to be filled out, so come on in admin! ;) But the third goal is so important this year- I WANT MY SOCIAL LIFE BACK!! I have spent the last 5 years hurdled up at home night after night grading papers/ answering e-mails/ making anchor charts and I just need a break! I decided to go out tonight (on a Tuesday night- GASP!) to do a Paint night with some friends. Don't worry, I'll probably be home by 8pm, but I'm looking forward to a night away from school work! Life is all about balance, people!


  1. You're goals are wonderful reminders of things that I need to do as well! Perfect for teachers! :)

    1. Balance is the Key! I hope you had a great time out. It sounds like fun!