Monday, May 2, 2016

19 days and counting

I've never been so happy to see Justin Timberlake. It's May, guys...we've made it. This is the month we've dreamed about all school year! But I swear I blinked in August and all of a sudden it's May. I'm not complaining though...

So so sad that this is Farley's last monthly link up. I understand that all good things must come to an end, but I always enjoy doing the monthly link up and reading other's teachers joys/struggles.

So here's what I'm up to on May first...okay, okay, I'm a day late... May second.

Listening- So obsessed with the Throwback Thursday playlist that I even listen to it on Mondays, and Tuesday, and Wendesdays, and... you get the point.. Check it out!

Loving- We had our families and some of our best friends over on Saturday to help us celebrate that we are, in fact, adults and own a house! I love that they all got to see the house and see how quickly our backyard can become a small river. #whenwilltheraineverstop #everyeventIplancreatesathunderstorm

Thinking- I overthink WAY too much and it's affecting me way more than it should! If people wanna hate, go ahead... but hate over there cause I ain't got time for it NO MORE. (and yes, I don't even have time for proper grammar).

Wanting- We're MAP testing today and tomorrow. I had some kids go up over TWENTY POINTS. That's a lot! I'm hoping everyone makes their goals *fingers crossed*

Needing- I love reading their monthly writing journals, but it takes for-ev-er. I can't wait to finish them up and send them home with the kiddos!

Truth- The last month of school is always when I'm driving the struggle bus. I can't even remember the last time I cooked an actual meal. I like cooking, but it's a process! And I absolutely can't sleep if I know that there are dishes in the sink, so I never cook if I know I can't do all of the dishes that night. One of my kids asked me if I had OCD today... they know me. Mr. R, I promise you that this week, I will whip out the wallet and pay for our tacos on Cinco de Mayo (can I get an hallelujah for this holiday being 2 days away?)

Oh and another great thing about today is that I ordered my end of the year books for my kids: personally selected chapter books. I can't wait to write a note, wrap them up, and give them to them!

19 days and counting, friends.

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  1. Amanda, I love it that you personally choose and give each child a book! You would've been my daughter's favorite with that gift that keeps giving. :) The struggle to balance your teacher and home life is all is so real. But seriously, congrats on your home! When you have to let something go, eating out and eating easier is okay! Happy end of the year to you!
    Heather from Mrs. Renz’ Class