Monday, May 8, 2017

10 Day Countdown

Can you believe we only have 13 days left of school?! Technically only 12 because the last 2 days are half days! That means on Friday we will start our TEN DAY BALLOON POP COUNTDOWN!

Here's a picture of what it looks like (from my old school). I haven't hung it up for this year yet. I'll do that on Thursday afternoon #lastminutelinda

I've updated my surprises to better fit my new school... check it out (fo' free) on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Just print out the slips (feel free to use some and make up your own... it's a pdf due to my fonts but you can just toss the ones you don't want to use), put each slip in a different balloon (you'll need 10 balloons... unless you want to shorten it to a 5 day countdown), blow up the balloon, write a number on it (10, 9, 8... you get the picture) and then pop one each day!

Enjoy these last insane few days until summer!

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