Sunday, July 2, 2017

HGTV... Where Is My Show?

So basically my HGTV show would be called "How To Make The Junk in Your House Actually Worth Using." I think it's safe to say that we all have a little bit of junk... and if you're reading this and thinking "well I don't" then I'm here to say nobody likes a liar. ;)

But seriously... everyone I know has a junk drawer full of random items... we have one now filled with batteries, wax melt refills, and chip clips. But we may also have had a little bit of a junk closet. When we moved into our three bedroom house we knew that we wanted our master (of course), a guest room, and an office. The guest bedroom closet just sorta became filled with junk. I'm not talking about junk yard items, I mean things like holiday decor, the vacuum, bags for trips, and other random items. I always knew I wanted to redo the closets... just wasn't sure what I wanted to do.

Then one day Pinterest sparked my idea- instead of having a whole bedroom to host our two separate desks, when I really don't even sit at mine because I'm a laptop-on-the-couch kind of girl... I decided I would turn the guest room closet into a closet office.

Here's what I started with... just remember... it was our junk closet... A lot of my teacher friends say that I'm organized, and I'm here to say that nobody is perfect:

I had a goal to finish it by June 30. Of course life happens and things get in the way... but a July 2 end date isn't too late. Remember- nobody is perfect.

Here's the final product:

Just because I stalked other blogs to find how to make it... I'll give a little overview of how I built this:

Desk and top shelf area: This is from a large white melamine panel from Home Depot. They cut it according to my measurements. And then when I realized I measured it incorrectly, Mr. R ran to purchase a Zigsaw for us while I stayed at home and practiced using a measuring tape (nobody's perfect). I loved the melamine because I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAINT! I just laid it on top of the wire racks and secured it so it wouldn't move.

I brought in some storage to hold my many craft supplies and (remember I'm a teacher) so I have 40 times the amount of office supplies that a normal person would have. #buyallofthecutepens

I also needed a place to store my wrapping paper/gift tag/bow obsession and I found an amazing door holder from a certain store that would cost 150 dollars. That's just not how I roll so I made this one out of a Closetmaid organizer for 30 bucks.

The best thing is that THE DOORS CLOSE! When we're not using the office, we can close the doors and no one has to know. So what did I do with all of the stuff that was in there? Finally organized it. I took advantage of extra space in our laundry room and hall closet. I bought containers for our holiday decor. I feel a sense of zen over my new organization.

Another bonus is that this is totally removable. Meaning if we ever move, we can take everything down and there is no damage (besides the diplomas being hung up and let's just say I'm a pro at covering up oopsies.

Here's my shopping list:

Home Depot:
Melamine panel
Long white wooden piece on top shelf
Iron On Tape to cover melamine edge
Closetmaid Door Organizer

Lamp (I had to have it because it comes with a built in USB port... perfect for dorm rooms!!)
Pen Hoder
Right Storage Drawer

Desk Chair
Chair cushion
Left filing cabinet
Blue storage bins

White vase

Silhouette Machine (on top shelf)
Surge Protector that very sneakily blends in with the room

Trader Joes:
Pink peonies *swoon*

What's next for the Riders? This month is full of house upgrades: custom made storm door installation, fence for the flat part of our backyard, and DIY patio pavers. I'll update you soon!

I love summer.