Saturday, May 28, 2011

How am I ever going to say goodbye?

This week I had the students write a journal entry with the topic of "What Will You Miss the Most about Second Grade?" There were standard answers of their friends, the homework (because they know it will be harder next year), the learning cottage, and the answer that brought a tear to my eye- "Ms.P" I had one letter that said "Thank you for never giving up on me" I couldn't control myself. Next thing I knew the student was crying, as was I. We took a bathroom break to give ourselves some time to pull it together. And then I had a student refuse to come out of the bathroom. When I asked her why she said "Because when I come out, that will be one step closer to the end of the year." How sweet is that? I found myself for the rest of the day (and week) thinking about how lucky I was to have such an amazing class. First of all they are all brilliant. Second, they are the most helpful people I've ever met in my life (including people my age!). Third, they kill bugs that we of the perks of being in a learning cottage. But last of all, they are each so wonderful in their own way. Even my most "grown" student said "I'm going to miss you, and second grade next year." We only have four days of school left. FOUR! I still remember the day they showed up. 16 students on the first day. In a week my class grew to 28. We're now at a happy 26 :)

How do teachers do it? How can you spend a year with students and then just say goodbye? Not to mention my longest and closest friend is getting married next Saturday. Let the water works begin....

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