Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Books, Books, Books!

I've been doing so much personal reading, that it's time for me to start looking into more professional literature to prepare for my second year of teaching. However, I'm not going to totally cancel out my summer- this reading can be done at the pool!

I researched books and found two that really stuck out to me. I ordered:

  • The Next Step in Guided Reading: Focused Assessments and Targeted Lessons for Helping Every Student Become a Better Reader by Jan Richardson (big title for a big idea- I'm hoping this will help me with my guided reading time, to allow me to be a more efficient teacher during that time.)
  • No More "I'm Done!" Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades by Jennifer Jacobson (I do not like "busy work" and was looking for a way to make students more independent- I'm hoping this book will do just that!)
I also ordered two Second Grade workbooks to help me plan my year's lessons. As far my eBay book purchases, I won an auction on Beverly Cleary books and the seller threw in two extra books. You can say they are going to get a great review- I love random surprises. 

I am hoping my books arrive before the end of the week so I may begin reading them. I'll report back with my thoughts and reviews on the books later. Hope everyone had a Happy 4th!!

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