Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organization: Classroom Library

So last year I had a nightmare of a library. The shelves were horrible (tall, triangular, and probably from the first schoolhouse ever built- seriously I can't even find a google image of these things). And not to mention you could never find a specific book. I knew that the first thing I wanted to tackle this year was library organization!

I have to say I'm good at three things: teaching, being crafty, and finding a good deal. I was coming up short finding cheap(er) book shelves in the design that I wanted (something low to the ground). Being blessed with a handy-man dad, I went to him for help with this. I gave him a design and in two days he made these:

Next up I painted them lime green, found more book holders (Target dollar rack) and voila my book shelf was complete.

I categorized the chapter books by series or authors. I also categorized the picture books by series, authors, special subjects, or occassions. After all of that I still had a lot of randoms, which is why there are so many in random buckets on the top. If you think that this organization might be too hard to implement and keep up with in your room, here is your solution: classroom jobs. Each day I pick a "librarian" to keep the books organized. They do a terrific job of keeping the bookshelf looking great after a full day's use.

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