Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

My students have A LOT of school spirit. If there is any type of contest going on, my students are the first to know about it. So far our class has won the Chick-Fil-A Spirit night (resulting in free Chick-fil-A lunch for our class at school), Red Ribbon Door Contest (resulting in a Popsicle party and ice cream party), and second place for most donated canned food for the Girls on the Run Canned Food Blitz (resulting in another Popsicle party). We discuss after each contest how we're not in it for the prizes (even though they are nice) rather we participate to show our school how much we care! Here's so tips to getting your class more involved in spirit activities:

  • Show the students how involved you are
    • I worked the event for our Chick-Fil-A Spirit night and saw hundreds of family members from our school. I had 23 students (out of 30) show up that night. If you let your students know that an event is important to YOU, they will find it important as well.
  • Set Up Goals
    • We set a goal for 100 cans for our Canned Food Blitz. We reached our goal (plus some) on the last day. We made a thermometer to measure our progress and counted our cans each day. It also made a great math lesson for the week! 
  • Ask for parental involvement
    • My brain was worked to the max the week before the door contest, so I went to a creative mama and told her about the door contest. She thought of the idea, we made the materials, and she hung everything up for us the next day. I have some really involved parents and they love to help in any way.

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