Monday, March 25, 2013

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Whoa, sorry for the blogging hiatus! This past month has been crazy busy. To sum up my "real world": my best friend of 19 years is getting married in a month, I've got a super sweet boy in my life, and I was struck with the stomach flu (no fun!). In fact, the beloved stomach flu hit me during the ONE week when I could not afford to be sick! One of my professional goals is to become a mentor teacher. I was THRILLED when my administration asked me to go to training with another fabulous teacher from my school. Day one of training was great..... until about 6pm. No fun being sick when you are 2 hours from home. Luckily I'm better now and I can still finish up training at another time.

Now onto school things... this may be the most jam-packed blog post ever in history.... so bare with me.

On our last blog we had just celebrated the 100th day of school. Our next celebration was VALENTINES. I had a fantastic Valentines Day myself, and I have to say the kids had a great time too! We made valentines that had pictures of us like this:
The Caption on the Valentine read: I "moustache" you to be my Valentine! (We had to jump on the moustache trend!)

Next up was the beginning of our Solar System Unit. I try to incorporate yummy activities with each unit because my kids loooooove good food. (We did a bread study with the different USA regions and it was a HUGE hit!) For this unit we ate real ice cream and compared it to Astronaut Ice Cream (more details to come on this soon). We also made edible layers of the Earth. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was soooo easy (AND MESSY!) Here is the inner core (M&M) and the outer core (marshmallow):
Next up was the mantle (rice krispy treat): 
And last, but certainly not least, was the crust (Hershey's Hard Shell Chocolate Syrup) Let's be honest... that part was too messy to photograph... I think I still have chocolate on some of my tables.

Coming up next was our study on contractions! No contraction unit is complete without CONTRACTION SURGERY. Thanks to some medical parents we were able to use gloves, surgical masks, and surgical hats. Check out this photo: 
Love it!

 And for my last part of this post (are ya bored yet?) we just finished up our Length Unit by measuring our friends. Like a fellow teacher at my school said "nothing is more fun than learning in the hallway!" I don't know what it is, but kids just love to go out in the hall. Look at the fun we had measuring:

 Did I forget to mention that we only have FOUR days until Spring Break! Can't wait to say a little "adios" to SC and an "hola" to Savannah! Hope everyone else is surviving their week-before-Spring-Break- blues!

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