Friday, February 8, 2013

100 Days Smarter... I hope!

This week is finally winding down and I actually have a chance to sit down to do some planning. My school got out at 12:35 today for professional development. We have a meeting in just a little bit, but before hand I wanted to share about our 100th day!

First, we dressed up as 100 year olds. I'm the kind of teacher that will look for any excuse to not wear dress pants, so here I am:

We had a lot of giggles that day! We also had 100th Day trail mix... which I have enough left overs to last till the 180th day. Talk about MIScalculating (can you tell we've been studying prefixes?)

That afternoon we had 100th Day Centers. One center was the trail mix, another center was a dice game, we had some "craftivities" at one center, but the last center was the favorite: 100 Cup Challenge. These kids were cracking me up with their creations! Here's one that they said was inspired by the song "Red Solo Cup"

They are saying "Cheers!" to one another... too cute.

Well I'm off to learn more about Mimio Boards. Does anyone have any experience with these? See ya next week!

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