Monday, October 14, 2013

Moving Along Monday

I am doing a horrible job on updating my blog!! I don't know what it is about this school year, but I just feel like I can't stay ahead. The end of the first nine weeks is this Friday and I'm frantically grading papers, organizing work, and reading assessing my students. Is it Christmas Break yet?!

There have been some new things to deal with this year, but everyday I look at my students I remember WHY I chose to teach. I really like love my students! We laugh and learn everyday together- it is such a joy to teach this group! 

I had some parents post on my Facebook page some funny SomeEcards about teaching. This one had me cracking up because I say it at LEAST 25 times a day....

Who else says that all day everyday? After I saw that, I started thinking about how much teachers have to worry about everyday. Making tests, grading said tests, discipline (and being fair), classroom management, conferences, administration meetings, praises and consequences, e-mails and newsletters, planning and more planning... it really is never ending. My goal for the next week (and for our teacher workday next Monday) is to get everything caught up and make a bloggin' plan.

With that being said, I better get MOVING ALONG (hence the name of this entry) and get to work. Monday nights are my Aldi nights when I get all of my produce to make my salads for the week. I guess it's a sign of growing up that I actually enjoy saving money when shopping!

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