Thursday, September 12, 2013

Instagramin' in Second Grade

I love creative lessons and this one has been one of my favorites! We have studied character, setting, and plot since the beginning of the year. This lesson was one that wrapped everything together. I was searching on Teachers Pay Teachers when I came across this Instagram activity from Erin Klein. I knew I had to do it! Take a look:

I started out the lesson by pulling up my Instagram on my iPhone. We did this around my birthday so I had pictures of some presents, my cake, and a certain someone special. They thought it was so cool that I was actually showing them my phone. I had their attention very quickly! 

Next, I gave them each a different "well-known" character. I used characters that we have already read this year like David (from No David) and SkippyJon Jones. I assigned the character because it helped my students focus on one particular person rather than spend 30 minutes trying to decide who their favorite character was.

Then, they had to draw a picture of a setting that their character would see. I told them to not draw a picture of the character, just the setting. I was so impressed when some students drew little parts of their character (like a hand because it was pointing to the setting). 

The last part was the most fun. We switched our desks and left comments on our friends pictures. The outcome was SO cute! I have received many compliments from other teachers and it's definitely a lesson to do again next year.

You can find this freebie here!

It's almost Friday! WOO HOO!

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