Thursday, January 30, 2014

SnOMG Days 2k14

Grab your bread, get your milk, and buy those eggs... us southerners are having some Snow Days!

It started out as a "please let us get out early, please let us get out early" on Tuesday and now I'm saying "please let us have school, please let us have school." Now, I love a snow day as much as the next teacher, but notice I said A snow day. Seriously... day 2? Don't get me wrong- I love sleeping late... but I do not like making up days! Especially when I keep hearing rumors from other teachers that they could take our Spring Break. No way, Jose! Not to mention we had soooooo many fun things planned this week and all this white stuff is getting in my way. I had 3 mamas and a 1 grandmama volunteer to make bread for our region study (more info on this coming next week) and I've had to readjust our schedule for these activities about 323432 times. And not to mention that today was supposed to be our 100th day. We've still got our 99th day hanging out somewhere in limbo.

I've watched more movies than I ever have, I've written 100 words for our word wall, I've cleaned, and now I'm watching youtube videos on how to make my own teacher printables. I have got to get out of this apartment. Luckily my mom's work is right down the road (all other civilization is forever away because I live in the middle of nowhere). So I'm going to head out to see her and do some grocery shopping this afternoon.

But before I go... here's how I've spent my snow days!

 Our dogs may be lazier than Mikel and I are when it comes to snow days.
 The view at Mikel's house.
 Peppermint coffee, catching up on the grammys, and my apartment.
He only wears sweaters when it's below 30 degrees. I can't resist a lumberjack sweater.

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