Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools Fun

If you've ever stepped foot in my classroom, you will know that we share a lot of laughs in this place. Seriously. We're a regular laugh track. Well I knew I had to take full advantage of April Fools Day today and pull some fun pranks on my kids.

First Prank: Teacher Switcheroo
Thank goodness that my teacher BFF and fellow second grade teacher next door has the same sense of humor as me. We decided to switch our classes for the first 15 minutes of the day. She went into MY classroom with MY kiddos and I went into HER classroom with HER kiddos. My class? They weren't phased. Honestly, they're used to so many teachers stopping by or volunteers asking questions, that it didn't even phase them. Her class? Oh they went nuts. There faces when I closed the door and said "start your morning work" were pretty much like this:
Second Prank: Important Test
We talk about being "almost" third graders all the time, so I decided to get them with a little trick. I told them that our principal told us second grade teachers that we had to give a test to our students today to see if they would pass to second grade. I told them to try their best and read all directions. Then I gave them this:
It's one of those HILARIOUS papers where they have to read ALL of the isntructions before the start. Except my kids are so eager to be the first one finished that they don't read all of the instructions, so then the trick really gets them. You see, number 11 says not to do any of the problems. So if they would have read allllll of the directions (like they were asked) they would have known the trick right away. One child did it correctly. One. Just one. So when I said "Guys, Toby is the only one going to Third Grade" you can imagine their faces. I quickly did an APRIL fools and they laughed and laughed and laughed. I heard a few "I KNEW IT!" But they didn't know it. I got them :) Find it here!

Third Prank: Crazy Newsletter
I told the students that I had left off an important note on their Monday newsletter and that I had to make another one for the week. I told them I needed them to check it so I could make sure there weren't anymore errors. What they found was this:
There were lots of giggles on this one.

Fourth Prank: Blue-Tailed Maftin Bird
I found this super cute "bird observation" April Fools Joke from The Bad Apple. I told the kids that when I came in this morning I saw the rare Blue-Tailed Maftin Bird flying behind the school. (These birds do NOT exist, BTW.) Suddenly my kids were like "ohhh I've seen those before! They're so cool!" (Remember, they do not exist). I told them that I had a paper to tell us all of the different ways to call for this bird. The callings involved snapping, saying "here birdie, birdie", swimming like a fish (because they live near the water usually), and screaming "Caw Caw." It was pretty hilarious. I managed to get a video and I plan on showing it to them tomorrow to get one more laugh out of it. After they tried all of the different ways, I yelled "April Fools." It was good.

Fifth Prank: Brown E's
I wanted to say sorry to the kids for pulling so many pranks, so I told them that I had made some delicious brownies for them to eat. I talked about these brownies for a good hour before I finally pulled them out. I opened up my special treats carrier (I use this for all of our treats) and bam... these were in there:
Get it... Brown E? Bahahaha. This one got them the most. You don't mess around with our desserts up in here! I let them think I had actually tricked them for a solid 30 minutes, then pulled out a huge tray of actual chocolate, fudge brownies. And boy those things were good.

I hope nobody pulls any pranks on me like I did on my kids. It's all in good fun though!

Happy April Fools!

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