Monday, May 19, 2014

10 Day Countdown

Alert the presses. It is my FAVORITEST day of the year. Well, not the most favoritest, but definitely top 5... I have hung up our TEN DAY COUNTDOWN!

It may not look like much. But it's a big darn deal in this classroom. Kids from years past probably still dream about my special stream of balloons. You see, the last ten days can be hard for anyone. Even the kiddo who wakes up every morning and the first word out of their mouth is "SCHOOL!" has a hard time waking up those last ten days of school. But this gives them something to look forward to. Each balloon is filled with a different message. This message tells us about something exciting that will happen that day. Bubble gum day? No shoes day? Extra recess? It's all in the balloon. These last ten days are sure to be POPPIN' (like what I did there?)

Check out my countdown on my teachers pay teachers shop.You can find this freebie here! Parents of my students, please don't let my students see! I want it to be a surprise :)

This will probably be my only post for the week. Between awards, goody bags, and 100 other end-of-the-year things, I'm gonna be one busy girl!

I'm heading to Charleston this weekend to see a concert with one of my besties and then to spend time with Mikel's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. I'm super excited! Catch y'all next week!


  1. Oh man! We need a like button on blog posts! We are still at the early part of our school year in Australia but I LOVE this idea for the end of the year, thanks.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. A great idea for the end of year. We still have a lot more than 10 days left but when we finally get there - I will use this balloon pop idea. Thanks!
    Growing Little Learners