Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Wow. This weekend rocked. Like, seriously the BEST weekend ever. I still can't believe that it's true. In case you haven't heard, I am engaged!!! Eeeeek!

You know how about 90% of girls dream about marrying that guy who makes them smile non-stop (and looks handsome while doing so)? Well that dream is coming true for me! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.... and let's admit, he's kinda lucky too ;) I mean girls like me don't come around so often. HA!

On to the story....

Lemme start with Saturday.
Mikel was already in Charleston with his family and I was coming down with a friend for the First Flush Festival to see the Avett Brothers. We had worked it out *perfectly* (or so I thought) to meet up after the concert so Mikel could take me to his family's house. After a long, hot day of being outside watching bands, we left the concert at 11pm to meet Mikel at 11:45. Only too bad for us- there was absolutely NO movement in the car line. We waited for TWO HOURS in our car before anyone started moving. That's what happens when you plan a festival for 20,000 people and only one lane to exit. Needless to say, we were a little late to meet Mikel. That sweet boy waited for me for two hours in his car. That's love, yall.

Anyways... we finally get to his family's house and try our best to rest up for the next day. We went to church then had lunch with his family at Cracker Barrel. After that he suggested we go get Cupcakes at a place in downtown Charleston (Cupcake). After we picked out our sweets, I wanted to check out the Alex and Ani store, so we made our way to it. I picked out a USC bracelet then we made our way to Folly Beach to see the crystal blue waters. We had some more traffic and flashbacks from Friday night came to my mind. We finally found parking and walked along the beach for a while. When we sat down to eat our cupcakes, I found this:

 You see... I have this little logo going on in my life. Cupcakes and Lesson Plans (blog), Cupcakes and Bangles (etsy shop), so naturally I had to have a Cupcake and Engagement Ring. I may have also posted a hint on facebook not too long ago. Any cupcake topped with a ring like that, is perfect for me! Turns out he had snuck the ring onto it while I was intently checking out bracelets. It's a good things I'm obsessed with jewelry.

So that's when he popped the question. I loved every minute of it. He told me all about the horror stories he had about getting the ring in time and worrying I would know and sneaking to ask my parents. It's good that he was sneaky because it's hard to surprise me. So he slid the finger on my ring and I was all like:

 And then I figured we needed a picture of the groom too, so then we took a selfie:

And lucky for me .... my BEST friend of 14 years was on Folly Beach so we showed up at their house for a little impromptu engagement celebration and we were all like:

After it happened, we went back to see his family and do a little celebrating. Then we headed back home to see my parents and show off the ring and do lots of hugs and celebrating. When I got to my apartment on Monday, these goodies were waiting on me:

And so now I'm in planning mode. Like seriously. I have the whole thing planned out in my head... almost. Just gotta pick a date and really get going.

So that's our story. And I'm lucky to say that our time together is just beginning!

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