Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Currently May!

I promise that one of these days I'm going to do the currently link-up on the first day of the month. I just can't seem to get it together enough for that yet! But here is my currently May from Farley's link up!

Listening- At the end of the day, I just need some good music. On Fridays, I have my "Turn Down for What" tradition that I play on my way home from work. People are usually surprised by my choice of music, but this southern girl can get down.

Loving- 20 days, yall. TWENTY DAYS. It's the time of the year when my brain is all like AFJKDLASJKLFDA and my heart is all sad because I don't want to lose my kiddos. But I do love that there's only 20 school days standing between me and my pool.

Thinking- My little bangle company is turning out to be fantastic. I have sold over 30 bracelets in the last 7 days. I'm using some of the money for my beach trip, but I'm using the rest of the money on ME! New dresses, here I come! I wish mother's day was every week because that is really helping my sales!

Wanting- Testing week started today and I'm already ready for it to be done. I can't wait till Friday at 2:30pm.

Needing- Goodness gracious, being an adult is expensive. I just want to win the lottery. I wouldn't quit teaching... but I just want some extra money to travel, plan big events *got some fun things coming up*, and to buy a house. Anybody wanna give me a few million for that? ;)

Surprise- I think I'm the only teacher in SC that blogs. Seriously. I can't find anyone close to me! I want to do a cute "blogger meet up" one day but I can't find any close blogging friends! I was looking at a recent linky party and found a blog called "The Carolina Blogger." I was so excited to see that she is not too far from me! I'm going to link up with her Timesavers Tuesday linky party today! Check her out here!

That's me and that's my currently! Can't believe the next time I do a currently it will be SUMMER!


  1. Hey hey! Thanks for the shoutout! So I'm technically not in SC because I'm in Charlotte (sorry) but we may still be close enough to meet up one day! SURELY there are other Charlotte-area bloggers out there... I just haven't been able to find them. Also, I'm cracking up at your "Turn Down for What" tradition. LOVE it!

    My Carolina Classroom

  2. I'm in Fort Mill so Charlotte is just a hop and skip from me :) I hope to find more Charlotte-area bloggers! Happy Thursday :)

  3. 20 days! Wow! Well now you probably have 18! I am up in MA and we have 30 days left. Best wishes!

    Reading and Writing Redhead

  4. We have 18 left as of this Monday and I am ready to Turn Down for What! I love that tradition, so I think I may have to borrow it! I'm in Miami and often feel alone down here because I think the next Florida blogger is about 2 hours away. Thank goodness we can all be friends online! I love your adorable blog and hope you can come on over and be my blogging buddy! Keep your fingers crossed for that million!

    Faithful in First