Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Things I've Learned

It's officially been one week since I saw my 2013-2014 kiddos. I can't believe how fast the year went, but I can't believe how quickly this past WEEK has gone. Geeze, summer slow down.

I want to take a minute to reflect on things I've learned this school year. These are things I've learned in my school life and in my real life.

1. Be honest with your students. Some of my kids had heard from others that I was in a relationship with someone at our school. When they started thinking I was dating the 65 year old hispanic janitor, I had to quickly tell them the truth. Then they knew I was dating the 27 year old soccer coach. And when I got engaged... that was a whole nother honest story.

2. Some people are just not nice. Like seriously. I have a goal to make some one smile everyday. Some days it's easier than others... some days I settle for just making my dog wag his tail, but I tell ya... some people just do not think about others. Words hurt, people. They hurt when you hear them out loud... they hurt when you read them in an e-mail... they even hurt when you see them on social media. Think before you share. And by all means, if you are mad about something, take a breath and count to ten before responding. Us teachers do that everyday. I always get someone to read my e-mail before sending it to make sure it is respectful (shoutout to Katherine and Lynn for being my go tos!)

3. Winning ain't everything. My end of the year superlative for my school was "Most likely to compete for everything." And that is SO TRUE. I can't stand losing. But I've gotten over it this year. I had a big slice of humble pie and I've learned that life is okay. As long as I win 90%, I'm good with that. ;)

4. Being in love is AWESOME. I can't even begin to say how important Mikel is to me. Mikel and I have just enough differences to make such a perfect pair. I wish I had his patience and calmness. Lord that's gonna come in handy when we have 100 ginger babies one day.

5. Reuniting with your college roomie and living together is fantastic. I don't know what I would have done this year if I wasn't able to come home and say "can you believe what so and so posted on facebook?" We were sorority sisters too, so there is always something to talk about! I am so glad we have spent the past year living together. I'm also thankful that my other two college roomies are just 15 minutes down the road! Love you sistas!

6. People like bracelets... and they love a good deal. Okay, we know that everybody and their sister are trying to make the stone, wire wrapped, bangles. When I first saw them, I loved the look, but hated the price tag. I'm a girl that wants a deal on everything. Plus I'm a teacher, so I have about 25 cents to spend every year. I learned how to make the bracelets sturdy, while also being affordable. I thought it would become a little hobby, but I am loving how business is thriving! Check me out! www.etsy.com/shop/cupcakesandbangles

7. Stay on top of your planning. I will admit that I have been a "weekend worker" in the past and I hated spending my Saturdays and Sundays planning out my weeks. Now I have it down pat. Meet with my team on Tuesdays, plan out my lessons that afternoon, make all of my copies on Wednesday, sort it all on Thursday, then  get the heck out of there on Fridays!

8. Speaking of team work.... gosh, it is so awesome to work with a perfect team. Seriously. If I could make one change... it would be that we add a 6th teacher and make Farrell come back. But I LOVE my team! 5 women with absolutely no drama is hard to come by. We each have our own passions and talents and most importantly- we are there for each other! I've seen/heard about some people doing some crazy things to their team members, but that is not us! I miss them already!

I may add more later and these are in no order, whatsoever. Now I'm off to do some more wedding and moving planning!

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