Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving, Weddings, Vacations, OH MY!

Every Tuesday this Summer, I got together with my BFF for a pool/lunch day. When I was talking to her today about how many more Tuesday lunches we have left... I realized that I only have two.


Two weeks.

Two more weeks until my life is crazy busy again.

Wait? My life has been crazy ALL SUMMER! I don't even know how I'm finding time to write this post right now. My past summers have consisted of pool days, tutoring, book reading, TV watching... not this summer. Every day has been spent doing something productive. I wish I could be more lazy. With that being said, let me tell you a little about what I've been up to:

MOVING: I've been blessed with wonderful roommates my whole life... except my big brother, seriously stop hogging the bathroom. (jk if you're reading this, you're a lot taller than me and could do some damage if ya wanted) Kidding of course. But I've been doing a lot of thinking about my college roomies lately. Nothing can beat living with three of your BEST friends, all while your parents are paying for it. Dad stopped paying my rent post-grad (how rude) and I suddenly realized what he was saying all these years about keeping so many darn lights on (as I sit here in my new house sans lights). But now it's time for the biggest change I'll ever make... moving in with a boy. Yep. My fiance and I decided we just couldn't wait until we were married. I know my great aunt is probably rolling her eyes in Heaven, but come on Auntie, it's 2014. When you know you've met the person you wanna be with 24/7, why wait? And having a 35 minute trip between us just wasn't helping. So I said goodbye to my last-ever roommate Lauren, packed up our cute FM apartment and moved back to my hometown. Come on RH, you didn't think you were getting rid of me, did you? I mean, me moving hurt the economy so bad in RH that my favorite place for drinks had to shut down. (RIP The Vault) Now I'm living in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ADORABLE house with my favorite boys, Mikel, Cooper, and Lucky.

WEDDING PLANNING: Holy Moly, wedding planning is stressful. Especially when you have to set a budget. After talking with my married friends, who told me to pick one thing to splurge on, I decided to go ahead and book our venue at my dream location on the river. Mikel and I just fell in love when we saw it together. Now I know I need to make adjustments with everything else, but I just can't wait for my big day. Even if I'm wearing a white paper bag and we're eating Bojangles, my dream wedding will happen because of the venue. Wait a minute, Bojangles is my favorite meal....

VACATIONS: But don't think that we haven't managed to put a little fun in our summer schedules. We still took our annual Edisto Trip with my family, we had a blast with one of his BFF in Charleston for his birthday, and we visited Mikel's family in Charleston for his birthday. Next up we're heading to Atlanta to visit another one of his BFF's. 

With all that being said, I have to say that I did lose someone who I really cared about this summer- Mr. McIntosh. You guys have already read about my first year journey as a Preschool teacher and the mean admin I had who told me I would never be a good teacher. Well, Mr. Mac was the admin who changed everything for me. He made me feel like I truly mattered. Even though he wasn't in our building, he still came around to see me and my kids. He told the funniest jokes I've ever heard in my life. And he bought quite a few rounds for us at Happy Hour after work. The best part is that he taught/coached my big brother too. So there was a family connection as well. I'm going to miss you so much Mac Daddy!

Well, I better go start hanging more stuff up to make this place homey. Hope everyone else is having a great summer! I'll try to post again soon :)

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