Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday

It's been a hot minute since I've participated in Doodlebug's Teaching's Five for Friday. Since I've been on such a craft kick this week, my post will be about five things I have DIYed the last few days. Basically my house is covered in paint, paper clippings, burlap strings, and modge podge. I'm sure Mr. R is thrilled with how clean the house is right now #thejoysofmarryingateacher

My only requirement for our new house, when we were looking, was that I wanted to have a nice guest room. We have friends all over the place and I want them to have a place to stay when they come to visit. Even our in-town friends are welcome to crash here! I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course) and wanted to recreate it on my own. With a little time on Powerpoint and a cute IKEA frame, this was an easy craft. Now our guests can get on our Wifi without any trouble. (Sorry for the not-so-cute white bar on it... just gotta keep that private for the blog share)
In our classrooms we have a huge window and it drives me nuts with how bare it looks. I can't sew so I knew curtains were out of the question. Instead I decided to jump on the tassel garland craze and make this! The tassels will be more spread out when it's on my 10 foot across window, but you get picture. The colors match my classroom perfectly. 60 hand cut tassels and a little bit of rope will get ya this!

I canNOT get over how adorable this is. When I saw it online, I knew I just had to recreate it! Surprisingly it wasn't hard at all. I used the burlap that my lovely coworks gave me for free (shoutout to Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Van Camp on that). I cut out the pencil shape and applied modge podge to the edges to keep them from fraying (be careful to not do too much... just like I tell my kids about glue "a little dab will do ya".) I painted the yellow first, then the black pencil point, then gray, and finally pink. I used my Cricut (thanks old class!) to create the "write" stencils for me and BAM. This is the product. Love.

My oh my I don't want to see a pair of scissors until 2026. Lawd, I've cut and cut and cut this week. I had to cut a total of 104 circles and on circle number 95 I thought to myself "why didn't I do this on my Cricut?" Ugh I was so mad... but I continued on. I cut and made all of the bigger owls, cut out the desk nameplates, welcome postcards, cubby tags, writing steps clips (not pictured), and once again all of those tassels (see number 2).
Here's our announcement! (You know I had to save it for last, otherwise y'all would have read #1 then went back to Buzzfeed). We've set the date, booked the venue, hired the photographer, and started looking at caterers. We are full steam ahead for our June wedding. I had to have our fur babies involved in the announcement some how...after ten patient minutes of wagging a treat over their heads, this was the product. And the banner? That's the most exciting thing I made this week! Etsy sellers want 40-50 dollars for one of those things... mine cost me 4 dollars. (Free burlap [holla again friends], $0.97 coral paint, $1.27 navy paint, $1.99 coral ribbon, a triangle stencil, some modge podge for the edges, and a little hot glue and VOILA: our Save the Date banner. Stay tuned for our future engagement pics also featuring the banner!

It's my last summer weekend and I'm spending it in Atlanta with some of Mr. R's friends. We've got a busy weekend planned and I'm excited about it! Peace up, A-Town down y'all!


  1. Love, love, love all of your crafts from the week!! So fun to see. I've loved the Wifi idea for awhile. We don't have a guest room anymore but I've thought about making a small one to keep in our kitchen so we don't have to bring out the tacky AT&T folder that it's written on every time someone asks. Your version is super cute!

    Congrats on your engagement and all of the planning!

    Sara J Creations

    1. Thank you :) Yes, If I were you, I would do a cute magnet or a little sign in hallway/kitchen, etc. I'm off to check out your blog!

  2. Oh, you have been a busy bee this week! I love the wi-fi password craft. I will have to make one of those {confession- I have trouble remembering our wi-fi password myself}. I'm in NC- I'll bet we're not far away from one another. I'll bet you have the cutest classroom in your school. Love your colors. I have no window, so I'm jealous that you have a big one. :)


    Always Adapting

    1. I totally have trouble remembering the password too! There's just too many things to remember. :) I'm right on the border of Nc/SC near Charlotte. I'm going to check out your blog now! Thank you for the compliments :)

  3. Aren't you a creative girl! I just found you through 5 For Friday. The cupcake name attracted me to your site - so cute. This is so weird. I just finished an assessment binder with a cupcake criteria! and my classroom this week is gong to be a nautical theme! Too funny. Thanks for sharing all your creativity. Congrats on your engagement!

    The Write Stuff Teaching

    1. Love cupcakes and nauticals! I think we are soul sisters :) I'm going to check out your blog now!

  4. I LOVE your write project. Congratulations on your engagement!

    The Positive Teacher