Friday, August 1, 2014

Ms. P's Last Year of Teaching

Yep, this post's title says it all.... This will be Ms. P's last year of teaching.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... y'all ain't getting rid of me that easily. I'm not going anywhere- but it's a little sad to think that this is my last year as being Ms. Potter, or Ms. P as most kids call me. Next summer I'm becoming Mrs. Rider... but Mrs. R just doesn't sound as good as Ms. P. Not to mention my friends have called me Potter since 1999.

I've worked so hard these past four years to become a good teacher. It was so discouraging after college to see all of friends get jobs before me. Those friends had moms or aunts or grandmas who were teachers in the district, so of course they had a good word put in for them. I worked hard to get to where I am now and I'm super proud of myself. I became gifted and talented endorsed my first year, became a lead teacher after two years of teaching, became an evaluator teacher after three years, and the sky is the limit for my future (CEO, president, ruler of the world???)

One day one of my mom's friends went to the doctor and found out that the doctor had a child at my school. When my mom's friend mentioned my name, the doctor went on and on by how much their child enjoyed my class. I have to say, it felt pretty good to hear that. Us teachers don't receive praise everyday, so when we get the occasional "way to go", it feels really good. I want to be one of those pinterest moms that does cutesy things for my future kids' teachers. Even if it's just a mint on a Friday to say "you were mint to be a teacher." (I mean come on, that's adorable). But we also accept bottles of wine too. (kidding... meet me off school grounds for that)

Hope my teacher friends enjoy their last week of summer next week. I'll be seeing y'all soon!

And to my blogger friends who have a longer summer than us... we're no longer friends ;)

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  1. We were hoping he would be Mr. Potter so you could name your kids Harry, James and Lily. :-) Don't worry, you'll always be Potter and you were so MINT to be a teacher! Architects don't write like you, nor do doctors - teach on Potter/Rider!