Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Currently September

A day late and a dollar short...

But isn't that how back-to-school is for everyone? I hope so, at least! I just can't get caught up! I'm only writing this now because I'm procrastinating my mile long walk to the copier room! (Don't worry, it's after hours... I'm not blogging on the clock ;) )

I'm happy to say it is officially my favorite month because the queen of the world was born this month- ME! And also pumpkin-flavored everything comes back to my life!

Here's my currently September!

Listening- the kids have left, I'm planning for next week, all is quiet.

Loving- I gave my BFF the Best Friend bangle (she got the Best, I got the Friend) and she got me the key bangle! These, matched with my cupcake and USC bangles, have got me all like "clinging, clanging, clinging, clanging."

Thinking- I logged onto my blog to check one thing, then decided to post about my month. But really, I've got things to do!

Wanting- My birthday is TO MOR ROW... but it feels like it is FOR EV ER away. *cue the Sandlot quote*

Needing- I just need a lot of stuff right now. But the most I need is a wedding planner!! My mom and I showed up to a bridal show on Sunday to find out that it didn't even exist! The ticket company got the date wrong. It's really hard to plan an event for a couple hundred people when the people in control of the planning details don't know what's going on!!! End Rant.

3 Trips- Aruba (yes dad, even after the whole girl disappearing thing), France (so romantic), and Hawaii... I am wanting to go to all three! And my bucket list is to visit all 50 states!

Okay, now I'm off to do my actual work of planning and copying!


  1. I love Alex and Ani! So funny, I too love to listen to them jingle. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to planning so I feel your pain I hope you got it all done! It's the one part of the job I really hate....that and analyzing data. :)

  2. I'm behind you on the "Currently Linky"!! I haaaatttteeee pumpkin with a passion so I laughed that your excited for pumpkin flavoured everything cause I couldn't think of anything worse!! We are at the opposite end of the day to you so while your kids were at home, mine were just coming to school and I was super organised today (I'm so not usually) so had time to do my first currently link. I love your braclets - they are so cute!!