Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tears, heartache, and memories

You can't fully prepare yourself for the unimaginable. You can't wrap your head around something that sounds too unbelievable. You can't lose control in front of the twenty-five students waiting for you in the classroom when you hear the worst news about your coworker. 

You see, when a fellow teacher comes to you at 8:15am and asks to speak to you in the hallway, you know it's not a great thing. And when you see the look of horror on their face as they are trying to come up with the words, you know it's got to be a terrible thing. Hearing about the passing of a kindergarten teacher at my school, was the last thing I ever thought I would hear.

I come to my blog tonight with a heavy heart. I come with tears that I saved all day, questions that I keep asking God, and memories from the past four years.

I think back to the most memorable year of my YPA career- my very first year. I was working 12 hour days and literally making cents for every hour. The only reason I came back each day was because I loved my coworkers. Mary was a teacher who could make anyone laugh. I grew closer to her the next year when I taught her youngest son. She and I spent time together to rejoice in his successes, and to shake our heads when he would do the things he would do (love ya, Kannon). Just yesterday she and I were laughing in the car line about how no one would stop at the stop sign I was holding.

As hard as today was, I can't imagine how the next few days will be. My kiddos knew and loved Mrs. Hudson. They still ran to give her hugs each day. But I'll be there for them. I'll give them those extra hugs. I'll sing their praises. I'll be strong for my coworkers. 

Please remember to keep her husband, five children, and the rest of her family in your prayers. And for my YPA family, I love you all.

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  1. Well said, Amanda. Mary was a wonderful person and we are blessed to have known her. Love to you!