Monday, April 6, 2015

It's April!

All I know is that I went to bed in December and woke up in April. I mean how can it already be the 4th month of the year? But I'm not complaining one bit because that just means I'm one step closer to... (this is gag-worthy, I know... don't say I didn't warn you) marrying by best friend. So cliche, but so very true. I absolutely can't wait until the wedding, but I'm even more excited about finally being able to call him my husband. I had a dream last night that someone called me Mrs. Rider and I didn't answer to it. What a big adjustment that's going to be! Anyways, on to what you came here for.... my Currently April.

Listening: I've been spending my nights watching videos of first dances and father/daughter dances and literally crying my eyes out. I then found Pandora's Wedding Song Station so I could gather some ideas for my DJ.

Loving: Planning and getting things done makes me feel so good. I have ordered my gift for Mikel, my gifts for my girls, and the present for our moms. Next I need to get my daddy's gift. I can't wait to get them in the mail and give the presents to them on my big day!

Thinking: Seriously, how many days until summer? The fact that we don't have any breaks until June 6th is getting to me.

Wanting: We started our Trade Unit today. Nothing too exciting has happened, but I'm ready to get to the fun activities! Be on the look out for what we're up to in the next few weeks!

Needing: Holy moly the number of meetings I have within the next two weeks exceeds the number of meetings I've had all year. I guess it's just that time of the year! Between school, keeping a clean house, addressing invites, and working out... I just don't know how to keep up with everything!

Eggs-plain your name: Like I said, it's my motto! A little cupcake never hurt anybody!


  1. I feel you on the number of meetings in April! I have a feeling that April is going to fly by and it will be May before we know it... And not all that upset about that thought ;-).

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  3. Good luck with your wedding planning! Time sure does fly by. We will celebrate our 5th anniversary on June 12th. Our wedding seriously seems like it was yesterday! Do you have a return address stamp? Check those out in my shop! They are lifesavers when it comes to thank you notes and such!

    ❤ Bethany
    Polka Dot Parlor Blog