Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You

So I had to speak the truth in my last blog. I was a little nervous about posting it because it was a little too truthful, but I'm glad to see that it had a positive view from my colleagues. I love my coworkers. Seriously though. My school has the best teachers and staff, ever!

Can you believe it's MAY? Holy moly. Time, slow down. Check out this month's currently:

Listening: Catching up on last night's Revenge. I am SO sad that this show is almost over for good. I like to tell Mr. R that I'm going to be the next Emily Thorne, so he better watch out. ;)

Loving: I survived the Lillypocalpse. But I barely made it out alive. After staying up until 4:30 am only to have the #1 dress I wanted to sell out in my size, I finally managed to order 2 dresses. One was so tight that I could have saved it for my future 2 year old daughter and the other one was perfect. I traded out the small one for a maxi dress, and boom. Now I have 2 oh so cute Lilly for Target dresses that are just begging to be worn. It's a good thing I have so many dressy occasions coming up!

Thinking: Do any other teachers think that May is the busiest month of the year? Award ceremonies, end of year tests, reading assessments, placements for next year, meetings with your team, parties, yada yada yada. Goodness. And that's just my teacher life. Then throw in graduation lunches, showers, bachelorette weekend, and just life in general, and I'm like "can I have 5 more coffees please?" Don't mind me if you see me looking ragged at work.

Wanting: There is one downside to marrying my best friend: having to get rid of all my monogrammed stuff. I mean I have a lot of things. If you know any aPs that want some monogrammed stuff, holla at ya girl! In just less than two months my whole world is going to change to aRs (yes, I know this is definitely a #preppygirlproblem).

Needing: Earlier when I typed this, I needed to finish addressing the invites for Teachout's shower. Boom, already done. One step ahead of myself (as always, NOT!)

Yes: Becoming a wifey and traveling to Punta Cana with my hubby
Hope: To get through all of those name-changing tasks
Dream: I want to buy a house so bad. I love our yellow house, but I just can't seem to make it our own. I want a house to decorate for the long haul. One day...

Hope you have a great May!

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  1. Hi Amanda! I found your blog through Farley's Currently link up. May is ALWAYS a crazy time of the year. WAY too much stuff to get done and I never think I'll make it through but I do...somehow...barely. :) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! My husband and I are going to Punta Cana too!! We're going the week after school gets out. When will you be there? I can't wait to get away!

    WILD About First Grade!