Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wedding Month

Oh my gosh. It's the month I've been waiting for since he slid that huge rock on my finger. It's our WEDDING MONTH! PTL for the fact that Mr. R and I decided to get married in the later part of June. If we were getting married this weekend, or even next... I would not be able to function right now. But I'm pushing on... for my kiddos and for my team.

I'm taking a little bit of time to link up with Farley for June's Currently!

Listening: I absolutely love Family Feud. And thank goodness Mr. R does too. If I ever have to guess the number one answer on a 100 person survey, I've got that skill on lock. No, seriously. Ask me a survey question; I can't get enough.

Loving: I'm in the midst of throwing my second baby shower in the past couple of months. No one is allowed to get pregnant in my group of friends until I'm on summer vacation. Holy moly. Trying to fit in reading assessment folder analyzing in between rolling diapers for a diaper cake is hard work. Not to mention if I have one more person ask me if I need help carrying something in Babies 'R' Us, I'm going to scream. One lesson I've learned: never, ever pull up your best friends baby registry at school while your kids are at Related Arts because when they come back and see that you forgot to X out of it, they get really excited about future Little R babies. I had to break it to them that it won't happen for another 20 years ;)

Thinking: I really can't believe I'm finishing up my fifth year of teaching. Where has the year gone? I keep telling myself I'm so not going to cry, but then someone brings me a card or sends me an e-mail that makes me feel all of the feels. I want to keep some of my babies foreverrrrrr.

Wanting: Second Grade has a ritual. And it's probably the coolest, best ritual ever. You see, every year at the end of the school year we get Red Bowl and we sit, eat, plan, talk, eat some more, plan a little more, but mostly just talk a lot. And we're doing that on Thursday while we complete a must-do on our end of the year checklist.

Needing: If you know me, then you know I am 100% Type A personality. I'm not ashamed of it or proud of it, but I've come to terms with how I am. That being said, I stress out at the drop of a hat. I don't show it (at least not at school... home is another story, whoops!). But I'm being hit on all sides of my life when it comes to giving me things to do. It's the littlest things too that even my Type A-self wouldn't worry about. But people need answers, so answers I must give. I've had to let go of my need to control because I just can't do everything right now. (If you're going through the same thing as me and find that sleep is hard to come by, drink Neuro Water Sleep (Sweet dreams). It shuts my brain off and lets me get the sleep I need. I always find mine at Wal-Mart.

Summer Lovin: Mr. R and I bought river tubes to use this summer. I've never gone, so I'm super excited. I'm just hoping that the coast guard isn't called on us during this water excursion. I'm also loving the fact that I'll be married and craftin all summer!

This is probably my last post for the school year. I'm ending my year with a smile of my face, lots of hugs from my kiddos, hopeful wishes for the future, and my heart full of love.

Be on the lookout for my Wedding post blog coming up after the wedding! I promise to have lots of tips on how to plan the perfect, DIY, penny-saving wedding. Next time I'm typing, I'll be Mrs. R!


  1. I love your second grade ritual! The last team I was on did something similar and I would love to revive that tradition with this team - a bit late for this year, but maybe next! Enjoy the crunch time before your wedding and have a wonderful summer!

  2. Congrats on your wedding! It can definitely be stressful pulling it all together though. I'm going to have to check out that sleep water... I always have trouble turning my brain off at night!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  3. Congrats on your wedding! Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing summer!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot