Thursday, July 16, 2015

Currently the middle of July

Okay so I have a good excuse for being realllly late this month.

You see, I was out of the country when the Currently was first posted. And I mean it when I say we had no access to internet. We had roughly 500 facebook notifications when we returned on the 4th of July. I didn't even get to talk to my mom for like a whole week.

Then we got home, starting organizing our new gifts in our house, and time just kinda slipped away from me. I promise my next post will be the wedding post, but I am patiently and stalkerishly waiting for my wedding photos to come back. As soon as I get them, I'll write up how to plan your perfect wedding, pinky promise!

Here's what I'm up to this month. The soccer theme is from the women's world cup, so that shows you how late I really am. WHOOPS!

Listening: I am obsessed with the song "Can't Feel My Face." I honestly have no idea why this guy wouldn't be able to feel his face, but the song is just oh so catchy.

Loving: Being a wife is cool. I get to say stuff like "I'm Mrs. R" and "Oh that is my husband's car" and I may or may not send a jet plane into the sky to spell out the message "We got married, ya'll!" I"m in love with love. And making grown up decisions like "when should we buy a house" and "when should we expand our family" is so exciting. (Answer to both- not for a while ;) )

Thinking: I l.o.v.e SUMMER. You know what I don't love? Waking up in a cold sweat after having a back-to-school nightmare. I swear it happens every year on July 15. Last night's nightmare consisted of me being moved to 3rd grade and not being able to control my class. Deep breaths, Mrs. R. You got this.

Wanting: My mama's birthday is tomorrow and my hubby's birthday is Sunday. We've got some fun stuff going on and I can't wait to start the celebrations! My mama is turning 45 ;) and Mr. R is turning the big 3-0!

Needing: If you know me, you know I get stuff done as quickly as possible. I got our "thank you" picture from our photographer last Saturday. Made the cards on Shutterfly an hour later, had them delivered on Wednesday and now I'm frantically writing them to send out. Can't wait for our guests to see them!

All Star: One thing I'm good at: making things! I love doing crafts. If I could have any job in the world, it would be to own a little shop where I sell all things monogrammed and southern, and a little tutoring business on the side!

Love and Cupcakes,
Mrs. R!


  1. Congratulations on getting married! :) RIght there with you on the nightmares... It must be a teacher thing!

  2. Congratulations! May you two have a wonderful life together. Being called by your married name is so exciting. I love getting called "Mrs. Wiley". I especially loved it the fall after I got married when my students called me by my married name. Writing thank you cards is very time consuming, but totally worth it to be able to thank everyone for making the day so special. I have been having school nightmares too. Not so much fun. I will be teaching grade 2/3 in the fall and dreamt that I somehow ended up at a highschool, got completely lost, and taught in the wrong room. Thank goodness that it was only a dream. Hope you have a wonderful school year!