Monday, June 8, 2015

The Life of a Teacher...In Memes

So remember how I said that my previous post would be my last one before the wedding. Well I kinda lied. Because as soon as I hit "publish" I had a fun idea pop in my head: "What if I share what the life of a teacher looks like/sounds like/feels like in a whole bunch of scary-realistic memes?" The following pictures show that the struggle is just too real once you walk into a classroom door.

So I present to you, my typical school day told to you in a bunch of internet-produced pictures. (And one original by me- school friends, I know you'll be able to figure out which one is mine.)

My reaction when I'm starting our morning work and a little friend asks if they missed anything from the day before:

As I'm checking the folders and I see, for the 100th time, that the same student has forgotten their homework:

When I'm heading to the copier during my only planning time to print off the test I completely forgot about for the day:

My student's reaction when they say "Mom, will you open this?" at snack time:

The look I give when we're starting writing time and someone asks the dreaded question:

When I'm disciplining a student:
Their reaction:

When I've just given the most detailed instructions for our math centers:

When we're working on important things and we've only got a few minutes left:

When the kids line up at 2:20 with their book bags on their backs, even though Mrs. C won't call for them until 2:25:

When the kids are all finally gone and I remember that I have a meeting in the Media Center:

After the meeting when I know I have a million things to do, but I just want to go home to my pups and fiance:

Enjoy your summer, teachers!

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