Thursday, January 28, 2016

100 Days of Second Grade

Okay so technically today is the 102 day of school, but it's been a busy week!

We celebrated the 100th day on Tuesday. I swear there is a snow day that always changes our original 100th day plans. I should have bet money on the fact that we would have to change the date of the celebration. Originally Monday should have been the 100th day, but then mother nature had to shake things up.

We did our usual "dress like a 100 year old." Can I just say that I have the most fun team ever?

Honestly, I'll do anything to be able to wear my robe to school.

We celebrated by doing 100th day writing and math centers, and of course our 100th day trail mix. I don't know how I went the whole day without taking any pictures! But we did have a blast using the Aging Booth on our classroom iPad to transform us into little grandpas and grandmas. The kids had a blast seeing their pictures and the parents enjoyed me sharing them on our private Facebook page.

I had to write down the quotes that made me giggle so I could share with you:

"I forgot to dress up, but look… if I go like this *makes face* then I have an old man’s neck." -L

"I wore these shoes because all old people wear flats." -M

"Grandmas ONLY wear lipstick when they go out." -C

"I’m so old, I look like I was born in 1986." -X (I took great offense to this)

"Mrs. Rider, you know how Han Solo looks really old in the new Star Wars? Well I look like him." -C (and he really did!)

102 days down means 78 days till summer. But with the way things are going, I'm not letting this class go. Such a good group and it makes me sad to think about them leaving me for 3rd grade!

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