Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's February!

So long January... hate to see ya go, not! January is the longestttt month ever. I know it has to do with the fact that we don't get paid in the whole month of January. Grocery shopping with negative one hundred dollars in your account is so hard. (Just kidding, we're not THAT broke.) But we are saving up for a HOUSE (eek!) and a little trip planned soon (more details below!) I am SO glad February is here. Linking up with my girl Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! Here's what I'm up to this month!

Listening- I love Spotify. I can type in ANY song I want to hear and bam, it plays it. Justin Timberlake, followed by Rhianna, followed by Mumford and Sons, and then The Cranberries. I love music.

Loving- We are heading to disney in 23 days! We got tickets for Christmas in 2014 and we are just now able to use them! We also added on tickets to Epcot so we can travel around the world. I am so excited! I have my Magic Kingdom outfit all planned out (and yes, I will be making it with my Silhouette Cameo). And you better believe I ordered some sparkly Minnie Mouse ears with a hot pink bow. They are suitable for all ages, ya know! I can't wait!

Thinking- Boosterthon is starting Monday. If your school hasn't done this fundraiser, I highly recommend it! The last time we did it my kids raised over 3,000 dollars, which meant 300 of it went directly to my classroom. This year the money that is raised by the whole school is going towards the soccer field (and some other stuff). Yall, my husband needs a REAL soccer field. I'm tired of seeing bruises on his legs because he got just a little too competitive against 6 graders. Kidding... well slightly. Anyways, we will raise the most money. I just have to figure out what works for this class in terms of motivation. And if we don't win, we'll at least enjoy the experience. (side note- winning is everything.)

Wanting- Day 9 of the 21 day fix. 5 pounds down and I'm feeling good! We just had to do one little cheat night because our Restaurant Weekend reservations got pushed back due to the snow storm. But even as I ate the delicious meat and tasty side dishes, I still found myself portioning what I could and couldn't have. "Nope, don't grab another roll... you have already had your 4 yellows for the day." This diet has definitely created a lifestyle change for us! But yall, I just want a doughnut. I don't know why I want that treat so bad. Maybe it's because Krispy Kreme sends me delicious e-mails that leave me drooling over my container of grapes? After this round, I'm having a dang doughnut!

Needing- When I get in an anchor making chart, I can make like 10 in a night. I just haven't been feeling it lately, but I know it needs to be done. Hoping I can manage to get some done tonight while I'm catching up on my Real Housewives of Potomac.

Swooning- I love pink and I love love. That means I L.O.V.E Valentine's Day. Pink everywhere please!!

Have a great love month!


  1. OMG you and I BOTH are feeling that money crunch! I'm moving in the beginning of July across the ocean (oh man) and it's taking all of my willpower to not go out and buy those cute new lace-up flats I've been seeing everywhere!! How do you like the 21 day fix? I lost a bunch of weight last year but this summer kind of set me back a bit...

    I love your blog! Have a great week!
    Pili | Perfectly Peeps

  2. I cannot wait to see pictures from Disney! I am obsessed!!! Hope you have a great trip!

  3. You seriously do not get paid for the whole month? How is that possible?! I get paid every two weeks and this check was gone the day I got it. I would love a vacation as well. Have fun and enjoy!

    Currently in Room 32