Friday, February 19, 2016

Five for Friday!

It's been a hot minute since I've been able to do Five for Friday! This week has just had so much fun stuff that I just had to share what we've been up to in room 145. One thing is for sure... I'm exhausted! I told Mr. R last night that today needed to be a gym day, but now it's feeling more like a "get in bed at 4:30pm and don't think twice about it" day.

Here's a peek at my week!

Since Valentine's Day started out the week, I wanted to start with this:

So I'm looking for a cute Valentine Display last week and I see the cutest candy heart activity from Taking on Second and just knew I had to do it with my class. Well apparently I picked up the bag of "candy hearts for 13 year olds" because there were all these sayings that I just don't remember being on my old school conversation hearts as a child. It was fun explaining what "on fleek" means. One heart said "True Blue" and a student asked me if that's what Mr. R and I whisper to each other. I told her yes, because honestly I don't know what it means. Next year, I'll check the label before serving them to my seven year olds.

I swear I have the best intentions, but the worst memory. I made these Valentine keychains for my team members at least a week before Valentine's Day. But then I forgot them at home and just kept on forgetting them until February 17th. I mean it's the thought that counts, right? Anyways, I'm having too much fun with my Silhouette Cameo. Let me know if you need a monogram and I'll price it real good for ya :)

How adorable is this from Hope King? If you are a second grade teacher, you just have to buy this unit! It has so many great ideas and cute printables! Yesterday we mixed a solid (ice cream) with a liquid (root beer) to produce gas (carbon dioxide). Today we made this craftivity and wrote the directions and results on the back.

We just finished up Boostethon yesterday! My class and I all had a blast and can't wait to hopefully do it again next year! We raised a little over $1,800 just in our classroom. The entire school will profit over $25,000. Such a great fundraiser!

And I saved the best thing for last....... we are officially UNDER CONTRACT on our first house! We saw a house a week ago, loved it ,and put an offer in on the spot. On Valentine's Day we found out that our offer was accepted and that our closing date is March 17th. I absolutely can not wait to get inside and decorate everything.... especially that future nursery! No, no, no... you haven't missed any other announcements, but just know that this future nursery (whenever it is needed) will be just the cutest room ever! And the Chris Pratt meme.... well that's just because I keep dreaming that he is the one helping us move in. I mean, I wouldn't turn down the free help. ;)

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the new house! So exciting! And the Boosterthon sounds amazing - congrats on such a great fundraiser!

    One Step Closer Teaching

  2. Cute blog! Congratulations on the house!