Thursday, February 23, 2017

What We're Doing: Math

When I first started teaching, my classroom had 28 desks, 28 chairs, and a couple of tables. That. was. it. I'm not even exaggerating. My birthday present from my family that year was a trip to the Teacher Store to buy anything I wanted needed. Then over the years I collected more and more stuff (while becoming broker and broker) and I finally had a few class sets of things.

Then I came to my current school and heard about a math manipulatives room. What? These exist? You mean there is a room that holds pretty much any math item that I need? I had to see it for myself. Y'all. I could have cried. My math-loving heart was so full. I just HAD to check out a few items to help my kids with learning time.

We spent today reviewing our skills with these activities:

We used time puzzles to match up digital, analog, and written time.

We used Hot Dots to review time, as well as for a spiral review. These things are amazing!! You can buy them here

The group I worked with used the this to practice elapsed time. We also practiced telling time to the nearest minute. I lOvE being able to challenge my kiddos! You can find a similar clock here!

I also added a fun, geometry review center so they could practice with edges and vertices.

I can't wait to share my newest technology project on the blog soon! We are having too much fun integrating our readers theater with our economics unit, all while becoming more Tech Savvy!

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