Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ready, Set, Action...

I kinda always thought I would be famous and now I'm pretty sure I am. Well, maybe only in 20 second graders' eyes........ but to them I am a famous director. That's because we just finished up our Readers Theater plays using our new Green Screen. I used the app Green Screen by Do Ink, which allows you to pick any picture to be the background. I borrowed the actual green screen from our wonderful technology teacher and hung it up on my cubbies. We had so much fun creating our plays and comparing them to the books they are based on.

Here's a screenshot of our play If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
*Students do not actually have cupcakes heads.*
This group picked a living room background since their book's setting was a house (hello spiral review on characters, setting, and plot!)

Happy Pig Day play:
They chose to do an arcade background since their characters are celebrating "pig day"

The Stinky Cheese Man play:
This one was my biggest group with 9 characters. They did a great job of moving around on the set. They chose to do an outdoors background since The Stinky Cheese Man is doing so much running around town.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff play:

It's hard to see in this photo, but this group had a great idea of finding a picture with a bridge to use as their background. The troll in this play was voted for best actor due to his very believable "fall off the bridge."

Overall this activity was to help with their fluency. I wanted them to read their lines just like they would talk in a normal conversation. We added a little creativity and technology and the end result was perfect.

*Also, we celebrated our amazing principal's 50th birthday this day- that's why everyone is in black!*

Click the picture to purchase the app! I promise it's worth it!

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