Monday, October 1, 2012

Classroom Tour

I did a monkey theme the past two years and after hearing "Oh you did monkeys too?!" a hundred times, I decided to be different and change my theme. Of course I changed it to owls, which is what everyone else is doing this year. That just means I had a lot of inspiration. Although I bought a lot of things online from School Girl's Style shop on Teachers Notebook. 

 Of course I had to make a wreath for my classroom. It's the first thing people notice and I just had to have a cute one!

 Love, love, love my library!!! I found the green bean bag on and the other two came from Big Lots. The owl rug is from Target and the decorative rug is from IKEA. My dad and I built and painted the shelves. The wire baskets are from Target. I love how my polka dotted tree turned out! I framed two of my favorite books and two of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes for more decoration.

 Writing center. Ideally I would have a table right by this station, but it's a few feet away (not pictured). The pencil is of course a Pinterest idea.

 Calendar and Board

 My most exciting creation- the BOGGLE board! I've had to assist many teachers with getting their's ready.

 Love my framed objectives- they help keep me organized.

 Such an awesome visual for the "important" parts of the students day. They actually match it to the real clock to see what time it is. Those are our grade mailboxes underneath.

 My desk. It started out messy. I just have too much stuff. Check out my chevron USC sign and the Westie chalkboard- faves!

 Popcorn words are popping up everywhere!

Jobs chart and attendance apple.

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