Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

2012 has definitely been a year full of changes. From a new school campus to new administration and everything in between, I can honestly say all of the changes were for the best.

Our new school campus is BEAUTIFUL. For any of you teachers who have taught in a mobile, you know what I mean when I say space can be a little cramped. Now I'm in a huge classroom with my own sink (my prayers were answered on that one) and we have enough room to actually do activities. Elementary and Middle school have been at the new campus since August. We're moving our high school over during the break, so we will be whole again in 2013.

This is only my third year teaching, but I have to say that we have the best administration ever. I feel like I can go to them about any problems or concerns that I have. That means a lot to a "newer" teacher. I can't wait to see how successful they help us to become.

I started 2012 with a wonderful class of 30 (yes THIRTY second graders) and when summer rolled around, I knew they would be a class that I never forget. Now I have a class of 22 amazing second graders who make me laugh everyday. They are so original and smart- I am *proud* to call them my students. I can't wait to see the things we can do in 2013.

Of course not all classes or schools have had such a positive year like YPA. My heart has broken for the students, teachers, parents, and community members involved with Sandy Hook Elementary School. I will never understand how someone could do something as terrible as that. I can't imagine the fear that the students had on that day, and that they continue to have each day they go to school. I made sure to give lots of extra loving to my kids after this tragedy. Newtown, CN you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm on my 4th day of break and I have to say it is already flying by. I have a busy week ahead of me with family time, football time (free tickets to the Duke Bowl game- pretty excited about that one... and of course watching my Gamecocks win again Michigan), and time with my best friends. Since I know I will be busy, I want to post my 2013 "school" resolutions now:

1. Don't forget to laugh...everyday.
2. Don't say no to new opportunities.
3. Use your planner as a planner (not just for its cuteness)- don't forget all of those meetings!
4. Spend your weekends on.... weekend activities. NOT school.
5. Start looking into grad school programs.
6. What happened yesterday is in the past.... forget about it and move on.

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a Happy New Year!

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