Friday, January 11, 2013

How to.... Write Like a Pro

Wow, Spring fever has already hit.... in January. With temperatures hitting 74 degrees this weekend, all I can think about is the beach!

Too bad we've been so busy at school that I haven't gotten to enjoy the nice weather this week. Today is pretty nasty outside, but I'm hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.

We've been practicing our transition words this week by writing "How-To" papers. We finished our week off with "How to Blow a Bubble" which you can find at The Teacher Wife's blog. What a cute activity and my students LOVED making their own! We spent the whole week pre-writing, making rough drafts, editing, then of course my favorite making a CRAFITIVITY! Here is one of my favorites from my students:

How cute is this? I love the bow in her hair! Coming up next week: How to make s'mores! Yum :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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