Thursday, January 24, 2013

Magnificent Magnets

I can hardly believe I'm actually posting TWICE in one week. I guess I am becoming a real blogger now!

We have learned all about magnets this week. My kids have been anxiously awaiting our Magnet centers, which is what we did today. We started off the week covering the basics by talking about poles, attract vs. repel, and everyday magnets. I love when you see it click as they are "playing" with magnets. Usually when I'm explaining centers, I tell them every. little. detail. But today, I simply showed them their materials for each center and said "Have at it." Their little faces looked like "HUH?" But that's what Science is all about... exploring!

Here are some pictures of our fun:

I used the Magnet Book found at Ashleigh's Education Journey. This helped me to plan my centers. The students had a blast! Have a great Thursday!

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