Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of Year Reflection

*Sigh of Relief* The noise that thousands of teachers around the USA are doing today as we send our last kiddo out the door. What a year it has been! I like to reflect at the end of each year to see our accomplishments. Here's what pops up in my mind:

- Becoming Lead Teacher for second and third grade
- Traveling to California for Character Counts! training (I will never forget this!!)
- Growing close to four other amazing second grade teachers
- Managing a classroom with different behavior styles (and I mean very different!)
- Differentiating and learning how to teach processing skills
- Studying more about Common Core (CC, here we come in 2013- 2014!!)
- Becoming the Secretary for the Academic Committee
- Presenting for the SACS committee and helping us take a step towards becoming Accredited

And I have to throw in some personal things:

- Training a puppy: this is a continuous battle thing
- Starting a relationship with one totally amazing guy
- Successfully (but tearfully) saying goodbye to TWO of my best friends
- Finding a new apartment with my college roomie (eeeek so excited!)
- Balancing work, friends, family, boyfriend, and dog all at the same time!

Life is so good. I have FIVE families to tutor this summer and I'm helping with some Reading and Math camps. Can't wait for my little trip to paradise in 9 days!

I'm sure I'll check in this summer, but for now, this is me saying goodbye! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

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