Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to School, Back to School...

Oh em gee. I can not believe that this is my last summer weekend. I wish I could show all of the things I made this summer, but I was not as productive as I was last summer. In fact school didn't even cross my mind until a week ago. Okay, okay... that's not true. I've been studying common core since June.

There's always a lot of excitement about the beginning of the school year, but I'm always nervous about starting a brand new year with brand new babies. Last night some of my coworkers went to dinner to say farewell to one of my closest friends at school. As we shared stories and laughed more than I could count, I realized how much I love my job. Not only do I have the brightest students and the sweetest parents, but I have the best coworkers that you will ever find. I hope our year is as fun as our night was!

Well, it's time to make some goals for the school year. I am making all of you hold me responsible to complete these goals by June 2014:

  • create new long range plans with Common Core units (doing this tomorrow!)
  • apply to grad school (Literacy Coach or Administration... decisions, decisions)
  • no more e-mailing parents after 8 or on the weekends (I say this as I hit send on a reply message now... oops!)
  • plan a unique field trip for the Spring (already booked our fall trip!)
  • attend more professional development
  • balance all of the busy parts of my life
  • never stay at school past 5pm (except for back to school week!)
  • send home "good notes" every week... not just when I remember
  • keep up with the running... remember that 5k will be here before I know it!
  • help all students increase by at least three reading levels
  • have all students pass the end of year math assessment
  • and most importantly- have a great year!
I promise I'm going to do better updating this year! Please follow me to see all of my updates.

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