Monday, November 4, 2013

November Currently

I'm starting to get the hang of these blog linky parties! Readers, if there are anymore that you know of... let me know :)

I'm currently....

Listening: Kids are not allowed in until 7:30 so it is quieter than a church mouse in here.

Loving: Ugh I don't like the time change, but I looooove that it was light on my way to school today. Makes that 35 minute drive easier!

Thinking: I seriously had a great weekend. Like the best. And I'm just ready for another weekend!

Wanting: The boyfriend and I starting making some Christmas wish lists and I can't wait to go shopping!

Needing: Sitting here blogging on a Monday morning may or may not be my best idea. I've got my long range plans beside me staring at me saying "plan, Ms. P, plan!"

A Yummy Pin:
My boyfriend has never made the same recipe twice. Can yall believe that? Being a creature of habit, I have to say that it is a nice change to try something different each week. Because he cooks, I do the baking. I haven't baked the same thing twice all year. This week: Loaded m&m Oreo Cookie Bars. They look delicious and I can't wait to try them. Check out the recipe at Averie Cooks


  1. You saying you want to go Christmas shopping seriously scares me!!! :) It makes me realize that I need to get in gear! I have 2&1/2 year old twins and a 5 month old so I am not sure when to fit in my shopping! :) I can't believe you guys start so early? Do you get out early? We start at 810 and our kiddos get out at 350.
    Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants

    1. I can not even imagine Christmas shopping with 3 little ones! You are a hero! Haha :) We don't start until 8, but they come scurrying in at 7:30 to sit in the hallways. Luckily our day is pretty short- we are done at 2:35!