Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

T-minus 6 hours until a brand, spanking new year. I always become real nostalgic on New Years Eve. I spend the day looking at this year's pictures, thinking about all the places I traveled, remembering all of the new people I met, and thinking about how to make the next year even better. I've heard a lot of people say that 2013 wasn't that great for them. I have to say that it may have been one of my best years yet. I started my 4th year of teaching (I made it past the 20% statistic that new teachers leave after their 3rd year), I found the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I have wonderful memories with my friends and family. I can't even begin to imagine how amazing 2014 will be.

But with a new year comes new hopes and goals. Check out my random resolutions.

Here are some more specific resolutions:

Take the GRE! I need to quit saying "next year" and start applying for grad schools now. I want to go for Literacy Coaching.

Another professional goal I have is completing the ADEPT Mentor training. Leaving early due to sickness last year was no fun.

Oh my gosh, I'm going to be 27 in 2014. I have GOT to start saving money for a house for those future red-headed babies :)

Alert the presses- I actually found an exercise that I like. It involves my new 10 pound kettle bell that I got for Christmas. It's so fun and easy. And you can really feel it through your whole body when you're done with the work out. My goal is to work out at least 3 times a week.

The boy and I are talking about a possible trip to Florida for Spring Break. If we can't make it there, then I really want to go to Asheville to see the Biltmore House in 2014. My parents just went and loved it.

I've really branched out of my comfort zone this year when it comes to food. In 2014 I want to try more seafood... but only when I'm at the beach!

All of a sudden I've realized that if I have a daughter one day and want to monogram everything, then I'm gonna have to either save up 10 million dollars to pay for those monograms, or learn how to do it myself with an embroidery machine. I'm currently pricing them, but I want to see how they work first.

The feeling that I have to have everyone like me. I realized this year that you can't please everybody and that is hard for me to wrap my head around. But in 2014 I'm gonna realize that I am doing my best and "people betta recognize!"

I really want to boost my blog views and link up with more teachers. I really enjoy blogging and reading other teacher blogs. I would love to do a guest blog spot on another teacher blog.

Well that's it for me! I'm off to ring in the new year with my boyfriend and our best friends. See you all in 2014!


  1. The red-headed babies made me smile. The two of you would make awfully cute babies! Also, you are a great person and if people can't see that when they first meet you then that is a reflection of themselves, don't sweat it. Move on and know there are more people in the world who like you then those who don't. It's easier said than done, it's something I struggle with as well. I'm happy that 2013 was a great year for you and I hope 2014 brings you even more happiness.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  2. I've been cruising around teaching blogs all day and came across yours. Definitely following! I'm in south eastern NC, finishing up my last two years before FINALLY becoming a teacher.
    The Biltmore House is beautiful -- if you visit their website they have tons of pictures and you can find some "packaged" deals :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Ahhh I miss those college days. But you are going to love being a teacher. Please continue to check out my blog- I hope I'll be able to help you in your studies. I definitely want to check out Biltmore soon... I'm going to check out the website now :)