Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18th is the New Valentines Day

Love is so in the air today! I love Valentines Day. Any holiday that's about pink, chocolate, and love is my kind of holiday.

So if you're from my area, you know that we had a small apocalyptic snow storm last week. Not only was I stranded 20 minutes away from my family and friends... but I also had the dreaded Strep Throat. Ugh- it was the worst! Luckily my sick days were turned into snow days so I don't have to use any PTO but I was going stir crazy being stuck in the house sick! 

By Friday (Valentine's day) I was feeling good, but the snow was still sticking. So obviously we had to reschedule our Valentine's Day party. I had a fabulous night with my valentine by having dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date in 2012. I sure do love that boy.

But having no school on Valentines Day means that I got to celebrate the holiday TWO times! I brought these goodies for my kiddos (glow stick valentines) and a little caffeine for my teammates 

My students spoiled me today! I've got enough chocolate to last me a year. okay a week. (Did I mention I love chocolate?)

Then I received these today. My Valentines Flowers had a snow delay too and I love them so much! Gerbera daises are my fave! Thank you honey!

Ahhhh what a great day!

We also have these on display in the hallway. 

These came from The First Grade Parade and they are cute! We had to watch the book Will You Be My Valenswine? from youtube because Amazon had copies for 193 dollars. Um no. Their responses were adorable!

Well, I'm off to Zumba with one of my favorite ladies. Only 2 more months until my next 5k, so I have to get back in tip-top shape. Have a lovely week!

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