Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ms. Potter- the jeweler!

Whew... it's been a busy week! I am so ready for the weekend! But it has definitely been a FUN week!

I've posted a little on here that I've been making bangles. Honestly it started out as making bangles for myself because I love the way they look. Then I made some for my friends and second grade teammates. Then I made some for my mom. Then my other coworkers and my mom's coworkers starting wanting some too. And wow- it's just really taking off! I'm still mainly selling in "real life" but I did open up an Etsy shop! So far I've made some sales to my sorority sisters and I'm hoping to get some more sales on there.

I was so thrilled on Tuesday when I was contacted by the York County Humane Society. They are having a jewelry benefit tonight and wanted to see if I could donate a bracelet for them to sell. You know how I love dogs... so I just had to donate 4 bangles! They asked me for business cards so I whipped some up real fast and dropped off the merchandise yesterday. I am still so excited for that opportunity! My mom is going to the event tonight (which unfortunately I can't make it to) so I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Check out my Cupcakes and Bangles shop here!

Sending love and bangles your way :)

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