Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Comes in like a lion and out like a lamb

Oh man. It is March. I never thought I would see Spring again. This weather has had me (and everyone else) trippin' these last few weeks. But yesterday... I actually got hot during car line duty. And so I had to figure out a way to take off my jacket while holding the stop sign. I tried the whole "hold it between your legs thing" and that got awkward real quick. I did have someone drive through the line and say "glad ya finally got it off!" The struggle is real for this stop sign teacher.

I'm excited for this month's Currently! So I linked up with Farley Oh Boy 4th Grade to share my thoughts!

Listening: Tuesdays are my long days. I get here at 7am like always, meet with my team during planning, then do afterschool care with the second graders. After I drop them off, I do all of my copies for the next week so I don't have to wait in copier lines at all. It works out well because Mr. R has night grad class on Tuesdays, so he can check on the dogs and I'm not missing any time with him while I'm here.

Loving: One of my longest bff's is back in town! She doesn't know this, but I'm never letting her leave again. I had dinner with her and my super longest bff (since 6 years old!) at my favorite restaurant tonight. Basically, life is good. So glad to have some girlfriend time.

Thinking: I love blogging, but whenever I do, I always have that "what else could I be doing with my time right now?" feeling. I just want to blog in peace, people. But that to-do list is growing everyday. (Anybody hear wedding bells 4 months away?)

Wanting: I've got a surprise for my kiddos come Friday. Not only are we having Mrs. Powell (our fantabulous reading specialist) come read to us, but we're going to have Mr. R come too. I can't wait to see how he does and how the kids react to "oh em gee, is that your fiance?"

Needing: Door contests. How I love them and hate them. Love coming up with the idea and planning it out, but I capital H A T E putting the paper on the door. I wish there was a machine where you would just program it to put the background paper up for you. My perfectionism is not good for me when it's time to do that.

Spring Break Plans: We're not going anywhere for spring break and I couldn't be happier. It gives me time to get all of our invites ready to send out in April. I can't believe how soon everything is. I'm so excited!

I'm heading to bed early tonight. These regular start times are getting to me. Hope everyone has a great March!


  1. Door contents sound neat! I'm with you though- putting up paper is the worst! We don't do anything like that, but I bet it's fun!! Enjoy the warmer weather; I am too!


    School Days with Smith

  2. We used to do door contests sometimes. I'd kind of forgotten about that. Hmmm...
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