Friday, January 2, 2015

It's currently 2015!

I didn't quite make the whole "do the currently linky party on the first day of the month" goal that I had for myself, but it's the second of the month, I'm on vacation, and so that just makes everything okay.

Before I get to the link up, I wanted to talk a littttttle bit about my 2014 in blog world. I looked back at the resolutions I had made last NYE on my blog (check them out here!)  I'm proud to say that I did accomplish many of them, but there are still some I need to work on. I started strong with working out several times a week last year, but that only lasted until March or April. I want to do better with my trips to the gym. I became a Mentor teacher, like I wanted to do, and I did really well with the whole "don't bring home work on the weekends." One thing I'm sad that I didn't accomplish was traveling more. I didn't go anywhere new this week, but was very fortunate enough to have our yearly Edisto trip and our frequent Charleston trips. I had over 5,000 blog views for the year and that makes me super happy.

People have been asking me if I'm stressed out yet about my upcoming wedding and I keep jokingly telling them that I'm probably become a Bridezilla once 2015 comes. I'm proud to say that hasn't happened yet, and I'm hoping symptoms do not start to show until school is over in June. Wedding planning has been good so far and I can't wait for that special day! (And I especially can't wait for our honeymoon in Punta Cana afterwards!)

On to the linky party. I'm joining up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I started reading the book One Day on my iPad, but just couldn't get into it. The movie version is on the Netflix, so I figured I'd watch it and see if it was worth finishing the book. It's a pretty good movie, but a little frustrating.

Loving: The fiance and I went to Ikea for an outdoor rug and some white picture frames, and we left with a whole lot more. I love that I have a man who wants our house to look its best. He said he wanted a TV stand and a new bookcase to go in our office, so we picked out a matching set (white furniture, of course). He set up the bookshelf and we're picking up the TV stand in a couple of weeks because it had to be ordered.

Thinking: Over Christmas break I wanted to set up the last two vendors: cake baker and florist. We found an awesome cake baker thanks to a friend from work, but I'm really dragging my feet on finding a florist. I'll be honest, I like flowers in my house, but I just hate the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on something that will not last. I'm pretty sure I'm going to DIY my bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces with wholesale flowers, but I want a florist to do my bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, and the corsages.

Wanting: We're having triple date night with our friends at Melting Pot for restaurant week. I feel like I need to fast from now until then so I'll be able to enjoy all of it! I can't wait to eat some fondue with my favorites.

Needing: Having a party on the last day of school made me miss my normal grading time. So I have a mile high stack of papers to grade before Monday. Boo hoo.

Yes, Maybe, & Wish: I'm definitely going to eat and be healthier in 2015, I maybe want to make some changes, and I wish that we could start putting away some money for our future house (right now all of our money is going to the wedding!)

I hope everyone has a great start to their new year.

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  1. Found your blog through the Currently link up. Happy New Year! Sounds like you did well on your 2014 goals. Congrats on the upcoming nuptials. I hope you have a great 2015.